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Gulda is the workshop/trail/beach dog. Whatever makes both of them happy.

Pro Downhiller Gee Atherton aboard one of Joe’s designs - a Trek Session

About the designer/maker

Joe Lintl graduated with a BA in industrial design from FH Joanneum in Austria. He has been working as a designer for Trek Bicycle since 2003. Joe lived and worked in the USA and is now based with his family in the Netherlands.

A profound understanding of mechanical engineering is key, even when designing everyday consumer products like furniture. His past as a bike designer boosts uncommon solutions - technical features express an aesthetic logic.

LINTL originated from the desire of not only designing, but actually making products of the highest quality standards. The focus is laid on creating outstanding products and celebrating the crafting aspect of it.

By designing their own products for daily life - mostly furniture and craft related accessories - LINTL is making one product at a time, and expanding their portfolio of contemporary, yet timeless furniture.