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The essence of crafting

Fundamentally, furniture making is the same as any design process: it doesn’t work unless you take into account form and function. Each piece requires time and attention to produce an experience that will last you a lifetime.

My grandfather once used to say: "I can't afford cheap products" hinting at unwanted product renewal cycles. This stuck with me and has made me a follower of the 'slow movement'.

Buy less, but better.

What I believe to be an important aspect is that owning something you know was made with care and attention to detail by a skilled craftsman, makes using it feel better. When you’re looking down on your table, and it looks beautiful and feels great, it also makes the experience that much better, because you are also proud to own it.

You are invested in its creation, both financially and emotionally. You probably had to wait while it was being built, and had to be patient. You went over details with the builder and made certain choices so it could be just as you like it. This draws you in and you become emotionally attached to the outcome.

Communicating with the builder, learning details about how it was built, getting involved in the process, and loving the finished product makes using it all that much more enjoyable. If we simply boil down a table to a top on four legs, with no regard for quality, or where and by whom it was made, I believe to be missing out on a huge part.

Life is a series of choices. So when it comes to buying a piece of furniture, choose a handcrafted one


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Our first show ever - Dutch design week in Eindhoven, NL
A lot of interest went to our table EMINENCE FRONT.
Everyone who looked at it went on to touch it. The rounded edges and the smooth texture of the linoleum feel great indeed.

“Quality is the best business plan” John Lasseter
08.11.2018 - DDW 2018